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 We believe in building long lasting, solid relationships with all our clients and partners.  Upon joining, Introducing Broker’s receive a percentage of the spread on every trade placed by the clients you introduced.

How it Works

Become An IB

Register and submit the required documents to get access to the Introducing Broker's contract.

Start Introducing Clients

Start promoting Sento Platforms’ wide range of benefits to start earning and enjoying regular income.

Generate Income

Expand your network and earn from each and every trade executed by clients that you introduce.

Rewarding Benefits

Fully Automated Income

Enjoy unlimited revenue earning potential and track funds as they automatically get transferred to your wallet.

Customized Promotions

Account representatives will work alongside you to build unique promotions so you can attract more clients

Tiered IB Program

A sophisticated, level sub-IB program allows for tiered introductions of a large network of clients.

Get Started Now

Benefit from a highly experienced team to help you convert your network.

Enjoy your well-deserved income via different withdrawal options.

Simple forms and funding methods let your clients focus on trading.